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Water Trouble

   The Aquitians were busy doing their normal activities when a monster invaded the planet. The Aquitians noticed the monster.

   "It's the Hydrohog!" said Cestro.

   The other four rangers looked at him. All five morphed.

   "Get out of here!" yelled Aurico.

   "No way!" said Hydrohog, "I want your water and I will get it by any means possible!"

   "We'll see about that!" said Corcus.

   "We need Aquitar ranger power now!" said all five rangers as they moprhed.

   "Leave!" said Cestro.

   "Why?" said Hydrohog, "I'm having fun!"

   They charged at the Hydrohog and as each ranger charged, Hydrodog drained the rangers' water. Hydrohog knew that the Aquitians were without water so he drained their planet of their water supply and made Aquitar look like a desert planet.

   "Help us!" said Delphine as she struggled, "please!"

   The Power Rangers' intergalactic alarm sounded. It showed a picture of the Aquitian rangers struggling on the waterless planet.

   "They are the alien rangers!" said Billy.

   "The alien what?" said Damon.

   "The alien rangers," said Billy, "they helped us once when we had no powers! It's a long story. Anyway we have to help them. They need more water and that monster is the source of their trouble."

   "This monster is extremely dangerous," said Aisha, "it can drain you of blood just as if it drains the Aquitians of water. So, please morph before you leave."

   All six rangers morph and teleport to Aquitar. The Hydrohog greets them with happiness. The Power Rangers see the Aquitian Rangers struggling. Damon uses his ice power and freezes them and then Jason warms the ice gently.

   "Uh, oh!" said Hydrohog, "there's eleven of you!"

   "You are about to defeat eleven of us! Say goodbye!"

   They ready the Star Blaster. The Hydro Hog is knocked unconcious.

   "Thanks, rangers," said Aurico, "we can handle it from here."

   They fought with their battle borgs. Hydrohog's water stealing abilities are useless against the Battle Borgs. They launch the Red Battle Borg through the monster. Hydrohog is defeated.

   They all shake hands. The Aquitians run through the car wash while the others go to McDonald's for lunch.

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