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Bees Everywhere!

   Connor, Kira, and Ethan took a pop quiz given by Dr. Oliver. They come back tommorrow and Dr. Oliver gives them their test with the results. They all get B's. They each miss the same question. It was worth sixteen points. They all receive a eighty-four percent. The bell rings. All three students compare their test results and realize that they all miss the same question. They do not know why. They approach Dr. Oliver.

   "Dr. Oliver," said Ethan, "why isn't this question right? We all missed it!"

   "It was a special case," said Tommy, "you should have taken better notes. Sorry."

   "Dang!" said Ethan, "that's messed up!"

   "Yeah!" said Connor, "trick question!"

   "We better get to our next class before we are late!" said Kira.

   "Ha!ha!" said Rita, "they all got B's!" Wait a minute! Bees! I have an idea! What if the rangers had to face a lot of bees!"

   "Yes," said Olympius, "and we can make them reproduce themselves to make it harder!"

   "Let's do it!" said Rita Repulsa.

   Everything was peaceful in Angel Grove but then people noticed a bee flying around laughing shooting lasers and the public was running everywhere! The alarm sounded in the Tower of Power. They saw the bee causing trouble. The rangers teleport to the bees location. The bee just became two bees.

   "This is may be a battle that we may have to fight on our Galaxy Gliders," said Billy.

   "Yeah," said Jason, "I see."

   The rangers use the gliders and attack the bees. The bees become four.

   "We need to destroy these bees before they keep multiplying!" said Jason.

   "Anyone got an idea?" asked Casey.

   "Yes," said Jason, "but it relies on you. We'll distract them and you knock them out of their misery."

   That is what happened. The rangers attacked them and Casey finished them with his attacks. The four bees became one. Rita made the bee grow and the one became four again. The rangers call on the Stellar zords. Eack Stellarzord took one or two and the bees were done away with. Angel Grove was safe again! THey ate dinner at Wendy's.

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