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The Beginning, Part 2

   On Eltar, Zordon and Alpha were alone. The Phantom ranger came to their location.

   "Zordon," said Phantom Ranger, "a spaceship has crashed on earth. I can take you there."

   Alpha and the Phantom Ranger climb into the Phantom Ranger's shaceship. They fly safely to the spaceship's coordinates. It turns out that they did not know that the ship was the Astro Megaship 2. The ship approached the coordinates of the accident. Alpha and Phantom ranger walked into the ship. The driver (Andros) was unconcious. Alpha touched him.

   "Andros!" said Alpha, "it's me, Alpha, wake up!"

   The phantom ranger got some water and poured it over him. Andros began to cough.

   "Hello?" said Andros, "Alpha? Phantom Ranger? What are you doing here?"

   "We heard of your accident. It was on our readings," said Phantom Ranger, "are you okay?"

   "I think so," said Andros, "I was shot down by Velocifighters, but I thought that I defeated all of those forces. And Zordon died!"

   "No!" said Alpha, "Zordon is still here!"

   "What?" said Andros.

   "Yes," said Alpha, "he is on Eltare.

   Suddenly, a weak alarm sounds on the ship.

   "What's that?" asked the Phantom Ranger.

   "It is the intergalatic alarm," said Andros, "it isn't as loud for some reason."

   All of the villians' evil sides were together on the ship's fogged up screen.

   "This can't be good," said Andros, "all the villians have revived somehow! But, I don't understand!"

   "We need to form a team," said Alpha, "I have five keycards the form five rangers."

   "Keycards?" asked Andros, "what do you mean?"

   "Someone gave me these after lost in a casino," said Alpha, "that was a nice person.

   "You did what I did, only better," said Andros.

   "Well, we need to find the perfect people for the job," said Andros, "let's find people who are good at specific skills and form a team."

   "Andros," said Alpha, "do you still have the Power Decoder?"

   "Yes, I do," said Andros.

   "Let's hold on to it," said Alpha.

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