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Begin Exploration

   The rangers were rnjoying a pizza from the Synthetron. It was a combination pizza. Suddenly, the intergalactic alarm sounded. There was a monster who was corrupting the atmosphere of planet TP-56.

   "We have to take the Astro Megazord to that place," said Andros.

   They travelled to TP-56. There was one problem. The planets gravitational pull was too strong! It pulled the Astro Megazord 3 fast down damaging it very badly. The Astro Megazord 3 was in bad disrepair. In fact, it was totalled. The rangers could not find the monster because of that. The rangers could feel the gravitation pull on themselves. They became weak. They teleport back to the Tower of Power.

   "Aisha," said Billy, "we cannot sustain ourselves on that planet. The Astro Megazord is no more and the gravitational pull was about to crush us!"

   "Yeah!" said Damon, "and how is that monster surviving on that planet?"

   "Well," said Billy, "that is because the person whop created it made it that way."

   "So," said Dana, "how do we find and defeat this monster?"

   "No problem," said Miss Fairweather, "I have special morphers that will allow you to walk on any planet. You will have the same powers but the only drawback is that your movement will be slowed."

   They took the morphers. The suits were basically white with some color of the ranger who was wearing them. Later on, Miss Fairweather increased the movement feature. The suits had radar features.

   "Follow me," said Jason, "my radar is picking something up."

   They follow him. They use the rocket features to fight the monster. They attack the monster, but the monster was way to fast for the suited rangers. Jason got his weapon out and dropped it. The monster uses it against the rangers. Billy pulls out his lance. The rest of them pulls back. Billy won the fight and gave Jason back his lightsaber. They form the Star Blaster. They knock the monster out.

   Dark Specter makes the monster grow.

   "Okay," said Billy, "I don't like using these zords on this planet."

   "It's okay," said Miss Fairweather, "I have another set of zords for you.

   "Listen closely," said Miss Fairweather,"Dana, you have the Tank Explorer. Maya, you have the Drill Explorer. Billy, you have the Landspeeder Explorer. Damon, you have the Space Shuttle Explorer. And finally, Jason, you have the Robot Explorer. Together, you will form the Explorer Megazord."

   They formed the Explorer Megazord and fought the Monster. The Explorer was armed with an axe lance. The monster and the Megazord fought together. The megazord used its weapon and knocked the monster down. The Megazord powered up its weapon and struck the monster and the monster blew up.

   The rangers and zords retired to their own galaxy and finished their pizza.

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