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   Ethan, Kira, and Connor were studying Beowulf in their literature class at Reefside High.

   "Man!" said Ethan, "This is hard!"

   "Eventually," said Kira, "we'll have to read the whole thing, but not now."

   "This a load off my mind," said Connor.

   "I hope that Beowulf goes by quickly because my weakest strength is literature," said Ethan.

   Meanwhile, at the space base, Master Badd had an idea.

   "Beowulf?" said Master Badd, "Beo..wolf? Beo, the wolf! I have an idea!"

   "Darkonda," said Master Badd, "create a monster called Beo, the wolf!"

   "Coming up!" said Darkonda.

   They created Beo, the Wolf. As he appeared on earth, he started wreaking havoc on earth. Civilians ran everywhere. The Power Rangers showed up.

   "Hi!" said Beo, "glad to see you!"

   "Whatever," said Damon sarcastically.

   They morphed into ranger mode.

   "You've changed!" said Beo, "I liked you before!"

   "I liked you before!" said Dana.

   Beo roasted the rangers with fire. They fell over.

   "It's getting hot in here!" said Beo.

   The rangers charge for them and Beo knocks them over the place. Dana uses her Sonic Cannon. Beo could not take it because a wolf is sensitive to sound. Jason powered up his sword and knocked Beo unconcious. Lord Zedd makes Beo grow. They call on the Explorer zords and form the Explorer Megazord. Beo roasts them. The Explorer Megazord falls over and gets back up. Beo gives another fire attack but this time the Explorer Megazord uses all of its shields to reflect the fire onto Beo. Beo falls down. He gets back up. The Explorer Megazord powers its axe lance and swings it right through the monster. The monster explodes and the rangers go back to their earlier activities.

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