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A Call of Duty

   "I have a question," said Jason.

   "Go ahead," said Dana.

   "Why are we only defending the earth?"

   "You have a point," said Aisha, "we must prepare to keep the galaxies safe from the monsters that we face."

   "So, what do we do?" asked Maya.

   "I have an idea in mind," said Andros, "I have robots working on the Astro Megaship 3 and the Destroyer which will form the new Astro Megazord 3. It will be the most advanced Astro Megazord out there. This one will be different."

   "Yes," said Alpha X," I have new communicators for you. Jason and Billy, you may be familair with them. They will communicate, teleport, and allow you to see what you need to see."

   "Also," said Billy, "we should defend other galaxies, because if we don't, we could cause trouble in space and it can hurt planets with life on it."

   "Makes sense to me," said Dana.

   "First time that I've heard him speak English," said Jason.

   "Now," said Andros, "the Astro Megazord 3, is not for battle, but it is specifically for scouting, rescue, and travel purposes only."

   "Gotcha," said Dana.

   Aisha teleported Miss Fairweather and Karone to the Tower of Power. They looked around. Karone recognized Andros, Damon and Maya. Miss Fairweather recognized Dana.

   "Excuse me," said Miss Fairweather, "but what are we doing here?"

   "Yeah," said Karone, "why are we here?"

   "Karone," said Andros, "we need your help. All of the villians' bad sides are trying to take over the whole universe."

   "Miss Fairweather," said Dana, "we called you because we need your help because you are mechinically and computer inclined and we need it. So, do you feel like joining us?"

   "I guess I will," said Karone.

   Everyone smiled at Miss Fairweather.

   "I guess I will, also," said Miss Fairweather, "and call me Angela."

   They shared a chocolate cake from the sythetron. It was good. Damon had the biggest piece.

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