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Dragon Danger

   The rangers were eating steak and French fries. The intergalactic alarm went off. There was a picture of a komodo dragon type warrior on Galaxy 34 on the viewing window.

   "Let's go," said Dana.

   They all teleported to Galaxy 34.

   "I'm the fire starter!" said the monster.

   "No," said Maya, "you're not!"

   "Yes," said the monster, "I am. See!"

   He knocked the rangers on their bottoms with a laser. The rangers got back up.

   The dragon charged toward the rangers. He knocked them around. Jason pulled out his lightsabre and started slicing the monster to pieces. The monster fell down and was badly hurt.

   Master Vile healed the monster and made him grow. They called the Starfleet zords and formed the Starfleet Megazord. The Starfleet Megazord and dragon exchanged first and the dragon blew fire knocking the Megazord back. The Megazord shot a photon torpedo in the monster's mouth. The mouth began to shake badly. The Starfleet Megazord took its sword, powered it up, and sliced right through the monster. The monster fell down and exploded. The retired their zords.

   "Okay," said Damon, "back to our food."

   "I agree," said Jason.

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