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Illegal Eagles

   Tommy woke up at home that morning only that he didn't pick up yesterday's mail. He went to his mailbox and found five envelopes. Four were junk mail, but one came from Kimberly. He opened it. It said, Dear Tommy, I just had twins. I hope the best for you. Kimberly.

   Tommy was about to cry. He went back inside and watched the football game. Hayley was knocking on his door, but the TV was so loud that he could not hear her and he was so depressed over Kimberly. Anyway, in the space base...

   "Twins!" said Master Darkonda, "that may no be a bad idea! They can both be bad!"

   "I have a better idea," said Ecliptor, "Why don't we make one bad and the other real, real bad!"

   "Ha! ha! ha!" said Master Darkonda, "I love it! I'll do it! I'll call one Kakps and the other Sapros! I love this day! The Power Rangers will be no more! Goodbye world!"

   Billy was working on a product for the machines. Suddenly, Kakos and Sapros were causing trouble in Portland, Oregon. They were downtown. The fighters attacked it. They morphed and they attacked the two eagles, Kakos and Sapros. (Sapros was the real, real, bad one). Sapros started blowing up stuff.

   "That's more than enough!" said Maya.

   "Yeah!" said Sapros, "what are you going to do about it?"

   Sapros blows a huge flame at the rangers and they were knocked hard into the ground. They could hardly get up. Sapros was laughing.

   "I know what this guy needs," said Tommy struggling, "a little metallic armor!"

   "Sounds good to me," said Billy, "first we need to get from the ground!"

   "Here's a light coating for you!" said Kakos.

   They fired another ray at the rangers and they were still having trouble getting up. Jason placed his blaster and combined it with is laser saber slowly and clandestinedly and shot Kakos. Kakos fell down. Meanwhile, Sapros approached Jason and his weapon. Dana grabbed Sapros ankle and made him fall. Dana was abotu to stand up. She used her weapon to finish him off. Trakeena made Sapros and Kakos grow. They called on the Starfleet and the Stellar Megazords. Kakos and Sapros found a way to become one form. With a few hits and kicks and the Starfleet Megazord jumping on the combo. The Starfleet Megazord used its sword to finish the combo. Then it was back to usual with the rangers.

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