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I've Found Silver!

   The rangers were working on the damaged Astro Megaship 3. It was in serious disrepair. Jason with the Red Battleship tried to tow it from the planet. The Red Battleship had more gravitational abilities. The ship was almost fixed. Some Velocifighters came toward the rangers. Damon, Billy, Maya, And Dana fought them off. They managed to bring the damaged Astro Megazord 3 to Miranoi. The three Alphas, Billy, and Damon began to work on it. It was over 95 percent completion. The Astro Megazord 3 was at the repair bay until it was repaired.

   The rangers took a break from working on the Astro Megazord 3. They had a roast chicken and stuffing from the synthetron from the Astro Megazord 3. That is one part that was fixed 100 percent. Then there was a monster sent from Astronema. It was a Werelion. This monster was like a werewolf, but a lion instead.

   The alarms went off. Werelion was on their viewing screen and the city was Portland, Oregon. Again, Portland did not have a monster alert system so it sounded its civil defense alarm. They were confused because it was a blue sky above. When they heard news of the monster, most people retreated to their basements. Citizens were running all over the place. Werelion was breathing fire everywhere.

   A policeman ordered, "All civilians! Off of the street! Immediately!"

   The Power Rangers showed up in front of the monster.

   "Hi! Guys!" said Werelion, "glad to see you! Not!"

   "Whatever," said Billy.

   "Want to see my tricks! Here you go!" said Werelion.

   Werelion blasts them with fire. Damon counterattacked with an ice attack. Unfortuantely, his ice was not strong enough to tackle Werelion's fire. They attack head on to the monster. Werelion knocks them around with its fire attacks. The rangers were knocked everywhere.

   Just then....

   "Hey!" said a silver ranger, "those are my friends that you are messing with!"

   "Another ranger!" said Werelion as he clapped, "I'll destroy you, too!"

   "Sure, you will," said the silver ranger, "you can try!"

   "Who is that guy?" said themselves to each other.

   The silver ranger flew right through them. His powers were similar to when they first met the gold ranger of Power Rangers Zeo. He was arms with an axe. He flew through Werelion and Werelion fell over. He used his axe to shoot out electricity from his axe. He powered up his axe and sliced right through him. The monster exploded.

   "Thanks, msn," said Jason, "we got it from here!"

   They called the Starfleet Megazord, Explorer Megazord, and the Red Battlezord. They all triple teamed the monster. Werelion's fire was too much for them. Werelion set all three zords on fire. They all fell down.

   "I don't think so!" said the silver ranger, "Colossus! Power up!"

   The silver ranger hopped in his zord and all it took was a mega beam to destroy the monster. The monster blew up and was destroyed. The silver ranger came down to the other five rangers.

   "Who are you?" asked Jason.

   "My name is," said the silver ranger, "Casey."

   "Nice to meet you, man," said Jason.

   "Care to join forces?" asked Billy.

   "Not a problem," said Casey, "where I come from, we scratch each other's backs."

   "Agreed," said Dana.

   "Do you want to come meet our boss?" asked Maya.

   "Sure," said Casey.

   Casey meets Aisha and the Alphas and the rest of the crews and everyone welcomed him aboard.

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