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Fired Up!

   Aisha was telling the rangers about fire. All of the rangers seemed bored. They were glad that what she had to say was over.

   "Phew!" said Maya, "I'm glad that was over!"

   "Me, too!" said Jason, "I can't remember anything that she said."

   Meanwhile at the evil lair....

   "Fire!!!" said Master Badd, "that is a good idea!"

   Master Badd created a fire monster that was shaped like an olympic torch.

   "They didn't listen to their fire training," said Master Badd, "Let's see if they can defeat this monster, Fireflame!"

   Fireflame came down to Los Angelos setting everything on fire. Fire tamers came to the are. They tried to put out the fires but Fireflame destroyed their trucks and the Planet Patrol wasted the fire hydrants nearby. The Power Rangers arrived to see that Fireflame has created a mess!

   "Hey, Damon," said Casey, "since you have the power of ice, you work on the fires and we'll work on this monstrosity."

   "Makes sense," said Damon, "see you later!"

   "Good luck!" said Maya.

The five rangers began attacking Fireflame. Adam controlled the fires. He was three-quarters way finished. Fireflame hit the rangers hard with a flame. The rangers got up. Fireflame did it again.

   "Hey, guys," said Billy, "I remember in Aisha's training that if we send an electronic barrier, we can send the flames back to the monster."

   They put their hands together. Fireflame shot another flame at the rangers. The flame relected back to the monster. It did not do anything because the monster was built of fire.

   "That didn't work," said Billy.

   The formed a circular motion around Fireflame. Fireflame hit all five rangers. At this time, Adam put out all of the fires. Adam came over to Fireflame and put his fire out. The rangers used the Star Blaster and knocked Fireflame out. Lord Zedd made Fireflame grow.

   "Jason," said Billy, "I have an idea. Why don't we call on the Starfleet zords!"

   "What do you mean? They are frozen!" said Jason.

   "What he is saying," said Dana, "We can use Fireflame to unfreeze the Starfleet and the Explorer zords!"

   "No," said Maya, "Fireflame cannot be trusted and his flame may melt even the frozen zords.

   "Well," said Jason, "my Stellar Zord can unfreeze them. It is a gentle flame and it should be enough and not too much."

   "Sounds good," said Dana, "we'll hold the fort while you warm the zords."

   The black, pink, blue, and yellow zords and Colussus attack Fireflame. It turns out that Colossus uses a powered up phaser and destroys the monster. The red stellar zord warms the Explorer, Starleet, and Red Battleship zords. They are back in service.

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