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The Morphing Grid

The Morphing Grid is hiddin in the Power Matrix, which is a box which holds vibrations giving a person powers to become a Power Ranger. It is hidden in the Power Decoder. There is a spot for the red, yellow, pink, blue, and black rangers. The green ranger was created by Rita Repulsa, who made a spot possible for a sixth ranger. The Power Decoder can be hooked up to any computer system such as DECA or any desktop computer to create Power Rangers. The sixth spot can be created when all five spots are used. Zords are created when they are designed by any computer. The Morphing Grid created the orignal Dinozords, the Power Crystals, and the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' arsenal. The Morphing Grid has data on all Power Rangers and all Power Ranger teams, weapons, and zords. The Morphing Grid is the skeleton of Power Rangers, because without it, there is no Power Rangers. So, the Power Rangers have it installed in the safest place possible.

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