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Help Me Zords, Part 3

   "I hate to say this, but we can be the Power Rangers and fight with our hearts," said Billy.

   "Yeah!" said Damon.

   Ninjor materializes in front of them.

   "No," said Jason, "we weren't!"

   "We need your help!" said Maya, "The world has no defense against three monsters and we don't have any zords."

   "Well, I have given out the Ninjazords, Shogunzords, and the Battle Borgs, but I do have these," said Ninjor.

   They looked like cards.

   "Cards?" said Dana.

   "Yes," said Ninjor, "they are my gifts to you. Toss them in the sky and you will see what I have for you."

   So, Dana tossed them up towards the sky. The cards began to be a source of light. Then they formed five warriors. Each warrior was of each ranger's color.

   "Wow!" said Damon, "we're you get these?" asked Damon.

7nbsp;  "They were put in Zordon's treasure box. He gave these to me for safe keeping. He gave them to me for the right time to use them and the right time is now," said Ninjor.

   "Now, these are the Stellar zords," said Ninjor, "The red, yellow, blue, pink, and black ones form the Stellar Megazord. I have nothing for the silver ranger as of yet but it is always good that the Colossus remain on standby."

   "Those zords are amazing!" said Casey.

   "Don't worry, man," said Billy, "we'll come up with something for you."

   "It's alright," said Casey, "I can still remain as backup until then."

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