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Impossible Red

   Jason's girlfriend Emily was walking in the park when Goldar approached her. Emily began to scream!

   "Hello, Emily," said Goldar, "I am here to teach your boyfriend a little thing called loss!"

   Emily ran and Goldar caught up with her knocked her over and then Jason was in the area.

   "Emily!" said Jason.

   Jason morphed but he was not fast enough Goldar blasted her with a laser and left her lying there. She did not die but she was injured.

   Goldar was laughing at Jason. Jason was mad as all get out.

   Jason called on the Red Battleship. The Red Battleship came to the park. More people were scared of it than Goldar. Aisha called the rest of the rangers because there was a disturbance in the park. They had no idea it was Jason.

   "Whoa!" said Billy.

   "What is he doing?" asked Maya.

   "If he is going to act like that," said Dana, "he should not be team captain."

   "I'll go to him and see what's going on," said Tommy, "he may be under enemy control."

   Tommy went to Jason.

   "Jason!" said Tommy, "What's going on? Goldar doesn't even have a height advantage! You're going to ruin our repuatation!"

   "This guy hut Emily!" said Jason.

   "Jason," said Tommy, "it's not worth it! Stop it!"

   Jason ignored Tommy. Tommy told Goldar to run! And Goldar followed his orders. Tommy went back to the Power Chamber. Tommy was upset.

   "Man!" said Damon, "that guy's a total idiot!"

   "I have no choice," said Aisha, "I have to call Power Rangers SPD and have Jason confined to intergalactic prison. Thanks to Jason, our reputation will be tarnished. We have to win the public's trust once again."

   Aisha called Jack and they got on it the Delta Megazord and the Red Battleship fought. The Delta Megazord overpowered the Red Battlezord and destroyed it. Jason ejected from the Red Battlezord as it exploded and cried.

   "I'm sorry!" said Jason. He cried a lot.

   "Jason Lee," said Jack, "you're under arrest."

   Jason went quietly and was sentenced to life in intergalactic prison, a place where no one wants to go.

   A criminal in intergalactic arrest is usually sentenced right away. The rangers went away unhappily.

   "So," said Dana, "who is going to be our new red ranger?"

   "I have already made arrangements. Tommy, I have also arranged some help around here also. Both of you! Come out!

   It was David True-Heart and Sam True of Heart.

   Some of the rangers did not know who they were but they trusted Aisha and Tommy's judgment. Aisha stepped down and decided to go to school as an animal doctor. Sam took over as mentor to the rangers. David became the new red ranger.

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