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The Kid Napping?

   Billy and his young friend Gary were working on Gary's science fair entry the virtual reality roller coaster ride for the science fair. They almost finished. It was 7:00 p.m.. They decided to retire for the day. Both Billy and Gary went to their homes for the day.

   Gary was sleeping but soon Pirahatrons came into his room and kidnapped Gary while he was sleeping. Gary screamed and a Pirahatron muffled him. They took him back to the Space Base. However, the Power Rangers were sleeping at this time, too. Their communicators sounded.

   "Come to the Tower or Power," said Aisha, "this is important!"

   The rangers tiredly and reluctantly came to the tower.

   "Billy," said Aisha, "your friend, Gary, has been kidnapped by Divatox and some Piranhatrons."

   "What?" said Billy, "is he okay?"

   "I hope so," said Alpha X, "we don't know where he is."

   Suddenly, the intergalactic alarm sounded.

   "Hello, rangers," said Lord Zedd, "I believe that we have something of yours!"

   "Where is he?" said Maya.

   "He is sleeping," said Lord Zedd, "but all I ask is for the lives of Casey and Billy. Goodbye!"

   "We gotta do something!" said Karone, "we cannot let them kill you two."

   "Let's give them what they want," said Casey.

   "Are you nuts?" asked Damon.

   "I know what you are thinking," said Casey, "but if it is us we want, then Billy and I would be the perfect people to rescue him!"

   "I guess," said Jason, "but if you want to do this, stay safe!"

   The two take their Galaxy Gliders to a hidden spot to the spot. They find perfect camoflague. They notice Gary sleeping. The approach the villains with stealth and start firing their blasters and carry out Gary. They both run.

   "Get them!" said Master Badd.

   They escape with Gary in tow safely to Angel Grove. They send Gary home. Billy and Casey return to the Tower of Power.

   "We all got out safely!" said Billy.

   Suddenly, Lord Zedd sent two monsters known as Utitus and Lokar to Earth. The Tower of Power sounded the alarm. They called on the Stellar zords and form the X-Wing Stellar Megazord. The X-Wing Stellar Megazord made short work of Lokar. However, Utitus was still a problem. The X-Wing Stellar Megazord kicked Utitus in the face knocking Utitus over. Utitus shot an electrical beam at the Megazord knocking it down.

   "Casey," said Jason, "is there an Ultrazord powerful enough to destroy this monstrosity?"

   "Yes," said Casey, "there is, but there is a Stellar Ultrazord Warrior Mode."

   "Okay, everyone," said Jason, "let's do it!"

   They formed the Ultrazord and blasted Utitus and Utitus was no more. They all celebrated.

   They all slept the rest of the day in the Tower of Power hoping that there would not be any trouble.

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