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The Marital Fight

   "I was wondering," said Dana, "how is Joel?"

   "He's fine," said Miss Fairweather, "he knows what I am doing."

   "That's great!"

   Suddenly, the alarm goes off. Gasket and Archerina will causing trouble in Angel Grove by Stone Canyon High.

   "Alright," said Jason, "I recognize those two! That's Prince Gasket and Princess Archerina! They are runaways from King Mondo!"

   "Who cares?" said Dana, "let's take them down!"

   They all morph and teleport to Stone Canyon High. Citizens run everywhere. The Power Rangers materialize in front of the entrance.

   "Oh! My gosh!" said Gasket, "it's the mighty warriors! Too bad we have to destroy you!"

   They fight the rangers but Gasket and Archerina did not count on the rangers' weapns being stronger than last time. They were knocked over. They began to pine away.

   They called Clank. Gasket and Archerina were hoping that the rangers did not have something as powerful as the Super Zeo Zords. They didn't. Orbis made them both grow. Them called the Starfleet and Explorer Megazords. The Megazords fought with the two villians. The Explorer Megazord had an easier time. Suddenly, King Mondo interrupted the battle. King Mondo began a power struggle. He began to attack Gasket and Archerina. The rangers took their Megazords out of the way of the power struggle. Archerina and Gasket fought with King Mondo and some oversizes Cogs. Gasket and Archerina defeated some Cogs but they were hurt also. King Mondo was losing energy. Even Clank and Orbis stood from the power struggle. THe battle kept on. They both lost strength. They all fell on their back sides. Suddenly, a voice came from the sky.

   "You idiots!" said Dark Specter, "I usually expect this from Rito Revolto! Get back up here!"

   They teleported to their base. All three were fiercely reprimanded by Dark Specter.

   "First time I've seen that happen," said Billy, "let's go home."

   They go back to the Tower of Power."

   "Jason," said Dana, "what do you know about that fight?"

   "When I saw King Mondo fighting Archerina and Gasket," said Jason, "they were enemies. But we may not get as lucky as we were before."

   "That really was strange," said Maya.

   "Oh, well," said Damon, "Let's take it easy 'till the next bad guy comes."

   "That what I'm doing!" said Billy.

   The rangers return to their quarters.

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