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Too Much Negativity

   Ethan was taking a science test in Dr. Tommy Oliver's class.

   "Okay, everyone," said Tommy, "quiet down. Here is the test."

   The students take their tests quietly as Tommy observes. Thirty minutes has passed.

   "Okay, everyone," said Tommy, "times up!"

   Ten minutes later the bell rings. The students come back the nest day. Ethan sees his tests. He could not believe what he was seeing. He got an 'F'.

   He said to himself, "A bad grade. This will knock me down negatively!"

   "I'm sorry to say," said Tommy, "many of the scores of the test were not good. Hopefully, the next chapter will be better."

   "Bad scores, negativity," said Elgar, "maybe we can create a monster who is filled with bad ideas who can fill the world with negativity!"

   "That would be cool!" said Squatt.

   "I have the perfect monster," said Finster, "his name is Negator. He makes everyone negative."

   They send Negator to Earth. Dana and Billy were out cleaning up the park. Negator appeared in front of them. He hit them with a ray. They both began to hate each other. The alarm sounded in the Tower of Power. Only Casey, Jason, Damon, and Maya showed up.

   "Where are Dana and Billy?" asked Jason.

   "They have been affected by this monster, Negator. He makes everyone feel nagative about everything." said Aisha, "Dana and Billy have already been taken captive. They think that we are not good enough. Be careful, rangers! This is a dangerous monster!"

   They morph and attack the monster.

   "You guys can't defeat him," said Billy, "he's too much!"

   "The Power Rangers aren't strong enough!"

   The rangers attacked Negator and Negator knocked them around. Negator fired a beam and the four rangers moved from that area. The four rangers ran from the area.

   "Let's stand in front of Dana and Billy and move out of the way when Negator fires a beam at us and that way we can get Dana and Billy back," said Casey.

   "What do you mean?" asked Jason.

   "Two negatives might make a positive," said Casey.

   "I'm in," said Maya.

   "I hope this works," said Damon.

   They stand in front of Billy and Dana. Negator fires a beam at the four rangers. They move out of the way and the beam turns Billy and Dana normal.

   "Uh oh!" said Negator.

   "Astro Cannon! Everyone!" said Dana, "and this guy deserves it!"

   They blast him and he is left unconscious. However, Rita Repulsa makes Negator grow.

   They call on the Starfleet zords. Negator tries to use his beam, but the beam could not penetrate the metal. The Megazord knocks him over with a power kick. Negator falls over but then reverses it as if it never happened.

   "Not good!" said Billy, "Miss Fairweather, we need some help with this one. He can make things as if they have never happened!"

   "I have the perfect solution," said Hayley, "this is the Astro Hammer. You can hit him multiple times and then charge it up to finish him! Let's see him escape this one!"

   They hit Negator many times with the hammer and charged it up and the monster blew up and was no more. The rangers were back to normal.

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