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Not Laughing

   The rangers were busy telling knock-knock jokes. The rangers could not find anything better to do. Suddenly, the alarm sounded. There was a laughing hyena monster named, Bydoe terrozing Los Angelos. The city sounded the civil defense alarm. They did not have a monster alarm. The national guard were out protecting the citizens telling them to stay inside. The Power Rangers teleport to the location.

   "Hi!" said the monster, "glad to see you!"

   "You're not funny!" said Maya.

   "Yes, I am!" said the monster, "See!"

   The monster knocks the rangers around and laughs at the some time. Then it laughs even louder.

   "I'll kick it!" said Jason, annoyed.

   The monster blasts them again and keeps laughing.

   "I hate this guy!" said Billy.

   They form the Star Blaster. They blast Bydoe. It failed. There were some flames that surrounded the monster. The monster felt nothing. It kept laughing.

   "I'm gonna..." said Damon.

   "We have to keep fighting everyone," said Jason, "Darn!"

   Suddenly, Jason's communicatior sounds.

   "Rangers," said Miss Fairweather, "I am sending you the Astro Cannon, "it is more powerful than the Star Blaster. You may feel some backwards kinetic energy though. Good luck! Transmission now!"

   "Astro Cannon," said Jason, "power up!"

   All five rangers carry the cannon. It is lightweight.

   "Oh, a new toy!" said Bydoe, "too bad that it will not work!"

   "Fire!" said Jason.

   They fire the cannon at Bydoe and he is knocked over and weak.

   "Yeah!" said Damon, "who's laughing now!"

   Dark Specter made Bydoe grow.

   "Starfleet zords, power up!" said Jason.

   The Starfleet zords are summoned and they hop in and form the Starfleet Megazord. The Starfleet Megazord fights Bydoe who keeps punching the monster but keeps punching the monster to no avail. Jason calls on the Red Battlezord. Jason hops from the Megazord to the Red Battlezord. They both fight the monster. THe Red Battlezord fires lasers at the monster and the monster falls down. The Starfleet Megazord draws its sword and slices through Bydoe and the monster dies.

   The rangers return back to the ship.

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