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Some Old Friends

   Jason and Tommy were teaching their women's self-defense class. Devin and Cassidy wanted to join. They thought that it was just an average karate class. They welcomed Cassidy but not Devin. Devin became angry and the onwer asked him to leave. Suddenly, Shane comes in the Angel Grove Juice Bar. He brings Cam.

   "Tommy," said Shane, "this is my friend, Cam. He worked with us in Power Rangers Ninja Storm."

   "Good to see you both!" said Tommy.

   "What color were you, man?" asked Jason.

   "I was green, the Green Samurai Ranger," said Cam.

   "Wow!" said Jason.

   "You know," said Jason, "Tommy and Cam, we could use your help in the Tower of Power, if I think that I know who you are!"

   "But I am just a scientist!" said Cam, "I have no powers!"

   "That goes for me, also!" said Tommy.

   "Then you'll do just fine," said Jason.

   "Come with us," said Billy.

   The two came with the rangers and they meet Aisha. The greet the others and become friends. They and Miss Fairweather become a team.

   "Have you become that race car driver, yet?" asked Billy.

   "No," said Tommy, "I'm a science teacher, now."

   "Tommy," said Aisha, "since you have been a mentor and a ranger, your help will be well appreciated. Help me guide the rangers with your wisdom."

   "Gladly," said Tommy.

   "Jason," said Aisha, "I need you and Casey to be field commanders of the team because you both have been captains of teams before and your wisdom will be an asset to this team."

   "I have plans of my own," said Cam.

   "I will be working with the zords and the rangers supplying them with extra stuff that they may need," said Cam, "I will be studying these rocks and seeing if there is any purpose in them."

   "Rangers or not," said Aisha, "your help is appreciated and we all are a team."

   "Can I bring along Hayley?" asks Tommy, "she was my science officer."

   "Agreed," said Aisha.

   They teleport Hayley to the Tower of Power. Hayley is puzzled and looks around until she finds Tommy.

   "Tommy," said Hayley, "what is going on here?"

   "Welcome!" said Tommy, "we called you because we need you to help the Power Rangers again!"

   "Gladly!" said Hayley, "what do I do?"

   "We have a science department," said Tommy, "they are Billy, Cam, Angela, you and I. Welcome aboard!"

   "Thank you!" said Hayley, "glad to help!"

   They gave them a tour of the Tower of Power and welcomed them aboard.

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