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On Saturn

   The rangers were practicing their karate skills. They were in the simudeck fighting against the Craterites. As they fought, their karate skills became stronger. Suddenly, the alarm sounded.

   "According to this, there is a monster on Saturn," said Andros, "and Saturn is a gaseous planwe except for the rings, so your battle should occur on the rings. I am not sure, but the gravitation pull could be strong, so suit up!"

   The rangers morphed and found themselves on Saturn. The monster was a green alien without a name. The monster shot a green substance at the rangers. It was an ooze. Every ranger but Casey was affected. Casey began to fight the monster. The others used their blasters to get theirselves out. It was a success. The rangers attacked the monster, but the monster knocked them around. Billy almost fell off the ring. Damon caught him. Maya used her blaster and knocked him down. Dana did the same.

   "Don't you ever do that again!" Dana screamed.

   Jason jumped and repeatedly attacked the alien with his lightsaber. He missed the alien every time. The alien knocked Jason to the ground. Billy attacked the alien with his lance and the alien dodged it every time.

   "I don't think that he'll be able to withstand this one!" said Dana.

   Dana used her Sonic Cannon. The alien could not take it. She was using it until the monster was totally helpless.

   "Guys!" said Dana, "get the Astro Cannon, now! Before he wakes up!"

   They ready the Astro Cannon. Right before he gets up, they fire at him. The monster became unconcious.

   Rita Repulsa makes the monster grow.

   "Okay guys," said Jason, "We can only use the Explorer Zords, because of this planets atmosphere. So, let's do it!"

   They call for the Explorer Zords. They form the Explorer Megazord. They fight the monster with lasers and punches. The alien shoots ooze all over the Megazord. The Megazord is immoblile.

   "This is not good!" said Jason.

   Jason's communicator sounded.

   "Jason," said Aisha, "I have modified the Red Battleship for gravitational purposes. I am sending it to your location."

   The Red Battleship arrives. Jason is in.

   The Red Battlezord shoots lasers at the monster and both zords double team the alien. The alien shoots much electricity at the two megazords. Both are knocked off their feet.

   Suddenly, Jason's communicator sounds.

   "You can form the Explorer MegaBattlezord from these two Megazords," said Aisha.

   They formed the Explorer Megabattlezord, which looked like the Astro Delta Megazord and powered up its fists and shot through the monster. The monster exploded and was no more. They teleported the zords and themselves and went home.

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