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Prison Break

In the intergalactic prison, Jason hears a monster who is next the cell which he was locked up in.

"Hey you!" said the monster.

"Leave me alone!" said Jason, "I'm here for the rest of my life anyway so I don't want to talk to anyone!"

"We can break out of here!" said the monster.

"It's not right!" said Jason, "leave me alone."

"It's your life!" said the monster, "you're here to the day you die anyway. You might as well."

Jason ignored the monster, but after much thinking. He asked the monster.

"Okay, what do I do?" asked Jason.

"First, my name is Phobia," said the stranger, "I took some keys from one of the alien guards. He doesn't know it yet. Just wait a little while. They are watching us."

"Now!" said Phobia as he unlocked both cells.

They both managed to escape from the poorly secured prison. They ran to a intergalactic patrol spacecraft. They headed for outer space. Wanted posters were posted.

"I don't know how I can repay you, man!" said Jason.

"Yes, you can," said Phobia, "you can join the dark side, besides you would have rotted in jail if it wasn't for me for the rest of your life!"

"Deal!" said Jason.

They flew to Darkonda's lair. Darkonda was at first apprehensive but Phobia told him what happened.

"Jason," said Darkonda, "glad to have you aboard!"

"I'll do anything for you!" said Jason.

"I think I am going to like this..." said Darkonda, "come with me! The first ranger gone totally bad!"

Master Darkonda gave Jason a power coin that was similar to the other rangers.

"Jason," said Darkonda, "morph!"

Jason became a smoking orange ranger.

"Jason," said Darkonda, "you are known as the Nega Ranger. You will receive the Nega Sword and you will receive the Negazord. All that I ask is that you serve me and do not reveal your identity."

"No problem," said Jason.

Jason started trashing the city. The power rangers came. Jason gave them a hard time. They could not face him. He was touch to handle. They used their Star Blaster and hit him hard. Overall, they thought that Jason did a good job beating up the rangers. The rangers were stressed out because of this new villian and they all went to bed.

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