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Jason, the red ranger, one piloted the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord, Red Dragon Thunderzord, and Pyramidus. Once was the red ranger and the gold ranger. Is now the Red Starfleet ranger. Jason lost his powers, due to negligence and was replaced by David True Heart, a brand new ranger.
Maya, the yellow Starfleet Ranger, one piloted the wolf galactazord as the yellow Galaxy Ranger.
Billy, the blue Starfleet Ranger, once, piloted as the blue ranger, piloted the Triceratops Dinozord, Unicorn Thunderzord, Wolf Ninjazord, and Blue Shogunzord.
Dana, the pink Starfleet Ranger, once piloted as the pink Lightspeed ranger the med rescue 1, Rail Rescue 1, and Omega zord 1.
Damon, the black Starfleet Ranger once piloted the condor galactazord as the green galaxy ranger.
Casey, the silver Starfleet Ranger as the red tiger ranger and jungle master red ranger of Power Rangers Jungle Fury. Piloted the Tiger, Shark, Gorilla zords.
Tommy, the green ranger, He serves as the 'ninjor' of the team once piloted the Dragonzord, White Tigerzord, Falconzord, White Shogunzord, Zeo Zord I, Super Zeo Zord I, Red Battlezord, Red Lightning Turbo Zord, and Brachio Dino Thunderzord. Also served as mentor to the Dino Thunder team.

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