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A Ranger Away

   Jason was practicing his fighting skills for the last six hours. He became tired.

   "Man!" said Jason, "I'm bored!"

   "So are we!" said Dana, "is there anything that we can do?"

   "I've been practicing my skills for hours!" said Damon.

   "Man," said Jason, "I'm not the gambling type, but I"m going to the casino to see if I can get some more powers!"

   "Hey, man," said Damon, "you go, but I'm not going to get involved with that kind of stuff."

   "Me, either," said Dana, "but don't let this become a habit. It can get destructive."

   "I understand," said Jason, "okay, I'm going!"

   Jason goes to the casino on Triforia. Meanwhile, the alarm sounds and a bunch of Quantrons start to assemble on the galaxy of PY-996. The four other rangers travel there using their teleportation abilities.

   The four rangers face the 200 Quantrons. They fight a losing battle. They start to use their special powers. The number of Qunatrons has decreased but still it was not enough.

   "Man!" said Damon, "where's Jason where you need him?"

   "I know what you mean," said Dana, "but let's continue to fight. We have to show them that we will not take it from these guys!"

   "Man!" said Damon.

   Jason was at a casino. He was too busy playing games for Alpha X to communicate to him. The noise in the casino for him to hear the casino. He played a game that was similar to Blackjack. He won the game. He won another keycard, which was not made from Zordon, but made from another kindhearted leader. It was a space warrior keycard.

   "Hmmm!" said Jason, "I might need this! I better go and check on the others."

   He called Damon. Damon was upset.

   "Man," said Damon, "where you been? We're getting our butts kicked! Get down here!"

   "Okay! Okay!" said Jason.

   Jason comes down and joins in. Seventy-five more Qauntrons joined in.

   "I'm sorry!" said Jason.

   "I don't care!" said Dana, "help us!"

   Jason joined in. Many Quantrons were defeated but still not defeated. Jason took his keycard and used it. He turned into the Super Red Ranger. He became a flaming mass. He flew through the Quantrons and defeated them. Jason powered down to the regular red ranger.

   "Whoa!" said Damon, "Where'd you get that?"

   "I won it from the casino!" said Jason.

   "No hard feelings, man." said Damon, "sorry I doubted you."

   "Congratulations!" said Dana.

   "We'll really need that!" said Maya.

   "Just watch out, okay?" said Damon.

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