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Badd Restructioning

   "You know," said Darkonda, "I want to be in control. And I want to have my own forces. I'll kill off Master Badd and Miss Mean and use their powers to rule the world!"

   Darkonda walked quietly towards Master Badd's and Miss Mean's bedroom. Master Badd and Miss Mean were sleeping. Darkonda killed Master Badd with a lost Transdagger. Miss Mean woke up.

   "Get out of here!" said Miss Mean.

   He stabbed her also. They both were dead. Darkonda laughed. He carried Master Badd staff and the staff transformed him into Master Darkonda. He froze every possible villian there is.

   "Now, I am in control around here!" said Msster Darkonda, "I will choose the best of the best warrior and make them even more powerful!"

   He chose Goldar, Ecliptor, Furio, and Olympius. He woke them from captivity.

   "These four will do," said Master Darkonda, "now I need a wife, possibly, Trakeena!

   Trakeena fell in love with Master Darkonda instantly and the four warriors depended on him.

   "Now I need some real trouble makers!" said Master Darkonda, "how about some robot warriors, tanks and fighters. I will call them the D-Tanks, D-Fighters and the D-Warriors. They will be energized and shoot lasers from their eyes. The Power Rangers will have a hard time with them!"

   All of the other personas were set free or destroyed.

   When Divatox turned good again. She decided to find the Power Rangers. On the viewing screen, they noticed a lady who resembled Divatox looking for the Power Rangers. They teleported her in.

   "Power Rangers!" said Divatox, "Darkonda has become Master Darkonda and now they have decreased the size of the forces."

   "Okay," said Billy, "is this bad news?"

   "They have tanks, fighters, and warriors, so you might be facing an army now."

   "Not good," said Maya.

   "We could still do it!" said Dana.

   The others agreed.

   "This oughta be fun," said Billy, "we are facing an enemy army!"

   Divatox left.

   The alarm sounded and D-Fighters were sighted near Stone Canyon. All of the high school students were advised to stay inside in the basement. The Power Rangers morphed and took them on. They wer harder than the Planet Patrol. They did defeat them, but they barely made it out alive. The rangers returned home and demorphed. They went to the Tower of Power.

   "Next time," said Aisha, "use your metallic armor."

   "Sorry," said Maya.

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