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The Red Candle

   Goldar had an idea.

   "Hey, everyone," said Goldar, "we can make a big dent in the Power Rangers if we hit Jason somehow!"

   "And how is that?" said Master Darkonda.

   "We gave Tommy, Zach, Kimberly, Trini, and Billy candles which we almost weakened their powers."

   "Yes!" said, "keep going!"

   "Jason has never had candle," said Goldar, "and his powers are the only one left in the Power Morphing Grid!"

   "Why didn't I think about it before?" said Master Darknoda.

   "Yes, let's destract Jason from the other rangers somehow!" said Furio.

   "Send some Warriors and we will separate Jason from the other rangers and kidnap him!" said Trakeena, "Goldar, I trust you with this situation, you did well with Tommy; do well with Jason."

   "I will, sir," said Goldar.

   All seven rangers were playing flag football in the park. Warriors came into the park. They started to target Jason. They separated the other rangers from Jason. When they had a good enough hold on Jason. They teleported him to the Dark dimension.

   Jason remembered the area. All he, at first, saw was the Dark Dimension was a red candle and the familiar environment. Goldar and Ecliptor joined in.

   "Jason," said Ecliptor, "ready to lose your powers?"

   The others reported to Aisha that they kidnapped Jason. DECA scanned the area and found that he was in the Dark Dimension. They obtained a visual on Jason. Tommy remembers the familiar environment.

   "Oh, no!" said Tommy, "I know what is happening. I let him down before and I am not about to do it again!"

   "Calm down, Jason," said Maya, "this is what Darkonda wants. He wants to destroy us. I can send you but you have to control your anger."

   "Okay," said Tommy.

   They send Tommy. Tommy and Jason fight both of them. They win against both of them. Tommy places Jason's morpher on the red candle and the candle disintegrates. Jason's powers are restored.

   "You may have won the battle," said Goldar, "but you did not win the war! You have no way of getting out of here!"

   "He's right!" said Jason.

   "No, he's isn't!" said Tommy, "watch this! Hold my hand!"

   Tommy kicks Goldar and steals his sword. He slams his sword towards the ground. Jason and Tommy escape safely. They are both back at the park. Goldar and Ecliptor are there also. Both Jason and Tommy morph and are fighting both of them. The rangers join in. Ecliptor and Goldar ran. In their place, they send some D-Warriors and make them grow. They call on the Stellar Borgs and the Stellar Borgs defeat them. The rangers return home. They were all glad that everyone, especially Jason and Tommy came safely home.

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