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Like A Rock

   "Hey, everybody," said Damon, "what's up?"

   "Nothing really," said Jason.

   "Too many galaxies," said Billy.

   "I know what you mean," said Jason.

   "Hey," said Maya, "Speaking of galaxies, I was wondering about the rocks which the Quasar Sabers were in, do they have any power? I mean, I know that the Quasar Sabers probably have power, but I'm wondering if the rocks themselves have power? If so, we could use it somehow."

   "You may have a point," said Billy.

   "Let's ask Aisha," said Dana.

   They ask Aisha. She approves the idea. They take Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster over to the area.

   "Okay," said Dana, "what do we do now?"

   "I guess we take data from the Quasar sabers first and then find a way to deal with the rocks later."

   They pick up the Quasar sabers. They started to overheat. They placed them on the ground.

   "Okay," said Billy, "maybe, we should deal with the rocks instead."

   Jason flew the Red Battleship over and all five loaded each heavy rock into the ship. But they left the Quaser Sabers behind as they have met the highest temperature. They take off. THe Quaser Sabers cool down and becoem useless.

   The Red Battleship lands at the landing dock and everyone helps bring each rock into the Tower of Power. There was a disturbance in the Tower of Power for about ten minutes. The Tower of Power absorbed the power of the rocks. The rocks disintegrated. Then all of the screens turns a bright white for an hour. Even Aisha stepped out. Everything calmed down.

   "What happened?" asked Damon.

   "It appears that our computers have become more powerful as ever!" said Miss Fairweather.

   However, Dark Specter found the Quasar Sabres and formed a monster from it. The monster's name is Dimone. The rangers morphed and teleported to its location on Earth. They fought him but lost because this monster had the powers of the Quasar Sabers. This monster used the Lights of Orion.

   "We should have left the Quasar sabers behind," said Billy.

   "Oh well," said Damon, "let's deal with this!"

   This was a hard monster. He gave the rangers a hard time because he had the powers of the Galaxy Rangers. They formed a circular form around Dimone, but that didn't work, because the Lights of Orion flew from his body sttacking each ranger. The monster was too strong strong for them.

   "Well, they have their armor," said Aisha, "we're going to need ours as well!"

   "Working on it right away!" said Alpha X.

   "Rangers," said to Billy on his communicator, "Billy, you have heard of this before, but do you remember the Metallic Armor that you had before? You all have it now! Try it!"

   "Metallic armor!" said the rangers, "power up!"

   They powered up their metallic armor. They fought the monster and powered up the Astro Cannon. The monster was destroyed. Lord Zord made Dimone grow.

   They called the Explorer Megazord. Dimone and the Megazord exchanged punches. Unfortunately, the monster used their power up mode. They also called on the Starfleet Megazord and the Red Battlezord to form the Starfleet Mega Battlezoord. The Starfleet Mega Battlezord defeated Dimone. Dimone exploded and was no more.

   "I guess more power is not the solution," said Maya.

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