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Semi Gone Bad

   Two workers are seen at a Wal-Mart unloading freight to the store. They keep unloading until they are finish. Suddenly, the Wal-Mart is attacked by Quadrafighters. The public is instructed to stay inside the Wal-Mart. The two workers go inside also. King Mondo observes the truck. He turns it into a monster. The truck starts to drive badly on thr roads forcing many cars off the road committing many traffic violations. Suddenly, the Tower of Power's alarm sounded. They see the a truck driving recklessly on the roads.

   "We have to stop this!" said Damon.

   "Oh, yeah!" said Billy.

   "Everyone," said Jason, "take the cars! We need to stop this truck before it hurts anyone else!"

   They chase the truck with the two cars. The truck fired lasers at the cars. The truck did not miss. Lightning Cruiser could not take anymore. Storm Blaster crashed into Lightning Cruiser. Both cars could not function.

   "Can't catch me!" said the truck, "and remember, my name's Motowheels!"

   "Now what do we do?" asked Dana.

   "Let's hope that Miss Fairweather comes up with something," said Casey.

   They return to the tower. They head right for Miss Fairweather.

   "Angela," said Jason, "do you have alternate transportation for us?"

   "In fact," said Miss Fairweather, "I do."

   "I have the Stellar Cycles," said Miss Fairweather, "they have weapons and they should be fast enough for Motowheels."

   "Go, rangers," said Aisha, "this truck cannot continue its rampage."

   The stellar cycles kept up with Motowheels. Casey hopped on it. He hacked at Motowheels with his axe but Motowheels knocked him off. Jason shot fire at each one of Motowheels's tires and Motowheels' lost the tire rubber. Motowheels operated on tire rubble. And then Motowheels could not drive anymore. Motowheels changed into a robot. It was as tall as a Megazord. The rangers called on the Starfleet Megazord. Motowheels was still smoking because of the burning tires. Motowheels fired lasers. The Megazord punched and kicked him and knocked him out. The Starfleet Megzord powered up its sword and finished Motowhells off. Motowheels fell over and exploded. The damage to the cars was on the news. Some people recovered their cars. Some peoples' cars were impounded. They did leave a mess. It took the authorities eight hours to get the city cleaned up. Citizens who recognized their cars made thing easier.

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