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Happy Birthday, I Guess

   "Hey," said Goldar, "tommorrow is Trakeena's birthday! We have to get her something good!"

   "How about Serpenterra?" said Ecliptor.

   "That has been destroyed, idiot!" said Furio.

   They both begin to fight.

   "STOP!" said Olympius, "Am I the only one with brains here?"

   "Yes!" said Goldar.

   Ecliptor hits Goldar in the mouth.

   "Let's reassemble it!" said Goldar.

   "Sounds good!" said Ecliptor.

   "But how do we find it?" asks Goldar.

   "Search for it," said Olympius, "we cannot let Master Darkonda or Trakeena know. She might absorb us! We need to move now!

   They all search for Serpenterra and they find pieces. Somehow, the pieces were not that many. The zord have broken into 70 pieces. They began work and put it together by the best of their knowledge. They did not get it totally right the first, second, and third times, but they got it the fourth time. Serpenterra was walking, flying, and breathing fire once again. They landed the zord at the enemy's castle. They woke Trakeena up from her sleep.

   "Trakeena!" said Goldar, "we have a birthday present for you!"

   "This had very be impor...." said Trakenna, "thank you!"

   "You can know drive it and if the Power Chamber is exactly where I know it was you can destroy it!"

   The rangers were sleeping in the Power Chamber when the intergalactic alarm sounded. Serpenterra appeared to be headed towards there direction.

   "Guys," said Billy, "if push come to shove, this Power Chamber can turn into a gigantic Megazord. They do not know this but this Megazord can take down that Serpenterra with ease."

   Serpenterra landed right outside the Power Chamber. The rangers opened their shield and formed a Megazord. Just as Billy said. The Megazord killed Serpenterra with one sword swipe. The rangers turned the Megazord back into a base. The enemies left. They had never expected this one. Serpenterra disintegrated and was no more. The rangers went back to sleep.

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