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The Trouble with Silver

   Jason and Emily were eating at Denny's for a nice, quiet dinner. Everything was going fine. Both of them ordered a medium-well steak. He presented her a silver necklace.

   Anyway, Baboo thought of an idea.

   "What if everything was silver?" asked Baboo

   "That would be amazing! We can turn the rangers into silver," said Squatt.

   "I have the perfect monster," said Finster, "it is called Austicus.

   "Who cares?" said Baboo, "just send him!"

   They send Austicus to Earth. Immediately, he starts turning objects and people into silver.

   Jason sees people running. Jason sends Emily safely home.

   "Run!" said a woman, "that thing is turning everything into silver!"

   The monster is laughing.

   "Everybody!" said Jason, "get down here! We have a monster that is turning everything into silver!"

   The rangers regroup and morph.

   "Want some silver?" said the monster, "here you go!"

   It turned the blue, yellow, and black rangers into silver statues.

   Dana used her sonic blaster and shattered the monsters silver powers. Jason hopped in the air and powered up his lightsaber and knocked the monster out. Master Vile made Austicus grow.

   "Oh, no! Three down!" said Jason.

   "We can do this!" said Casey, "we're the Power Rangers, remember! We can tackle anything!"

   They call the red and pink stellar zords and Colossus. Austicus freezes Colussus and the stellar zords. Jason calls on the Red Battleship. The Red Battleship fights with them. It is an ongoing fight. Meanwhile, Alpha X heals the other three rangers. They join the fight. The form the Starfleet Megazord. The Red Battlezord and Starfleet Megazord take on the monster. They fight a losing battle.

   "Rangers," said Casey, "I have configured the Starfleet Megazord and the Red Battlezord with the Colossus to the point where we can form the Starfleet Ultrazord. We can form a carrier mode or a warrior mode.

   "Alright, rangers," said Jason, "you heard the man. Starfleet Ultrazord, carrier mode!"

   "Lock on and fire all weapons!" said Casey.

   Austicus was destroyed. Emily and Jason took a rain check on their dinner and the others went back to the juice bar.

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