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Turn Down the Sound

   Everything was going fine in Angel Grove. It was peaceful and quiet.

   Up in the base, Trakeena was in the mood for trouble...

   "Darkonda," said Trakeena, "what do you say we start something bad today? I mean make the people suffer?

   "That might be a good idea!" said Master Darkonda, "Meanwhile the Power Rangers will suffer along them because they are merely human and when they can't take it anymore they will plead for mercy!"

   "So, what do you want to do?" asked Furio.

   "We can send a satillite monster and he will send a send vibration through the world," said Goldar, "he will cause their ears to ache and be miserable. They'll surrender to us!"

   "Very well," said Master Darkonda, "send down the Monster."

   Still, all went well in Angel Grove. Nothing happened at least, for five minutes. Then everything changed. The sattelite monster, Sattelus, made his way into the middle of the city. He started laughing. People scattered everywhere. He sent vibrates into the air. People could not hear each other. They could not focus. News stations could not air because they were under the same spell. The Power Ranger, who were unmorphed, were trapped also. Even as they were trapped, they heard it, too. Right when they came to the Power Chamber, they still heard it. All of the staff was wearing earmuffs instead of them. Tommy give each the of the rangers a pair of earmuffs. They could not hear the sound of the monster, but either way, the helpers and the Power Rangers sometimes had a hard time hearing each other. DECA could not lead them to the monster because DECA and the Power Rangers' computer were still under the influence.

   "There must be some kind of sattelite which they are operating on," said Billy, "or it could be the monster itself, but either way we need to stop this, because this is harmful."

   "Are you wearing your earmuffs?" asked Aisha.

   "Yeah," said Damon, "keep them on inside of your suits. You will have double protection."

   "Ok, mom," said Billy.

   Aisha was laughing. Tommy and Casey went with them.

   "So, Jason," said Tommy, "where do we go from here?" said Maya.

   He heard cries and they followed them. They noticed the monster. He did have a giant sattelite above his head. But then, the monster fell over! Two more monsters came out of him! One look like a warrior that looked like him and one looked like a knight.

   "Things became three times as hard," said Billy.

   "Hush, Billy," said Jason, "we can do this."

   All seven charged at the three monsters. They were knocked around by the infantry but the rangers plowed through them. They just had the monster to deal with. He fired a laser at Tommy at hit him and knocked him over.

   "That's what you get for winning!" said Sattelus.

   "Winning?" said Tommy, "okay? First, Zeltrax, then then this!"

   Billy w;hispered in Casey's ear.

   "Is there some way that you could hop on that sattelite and free us from the sattelite from the monster's head?"

   "I can do that," said Casey.

   "Great!" said Billy.

   He did a 'gold ranger' hops on the monster and the satellite was destroyed. People were freed of the noise. However, that leaves them the monster. Tommy lets out a blaster from his Dragon Dagger and knock Salletus over. They fight the monster and win. Trakeena makes Satellus grow. He shoots sound lasers at the Megazord. They were using the Explorer Megazord. They called for help. It turns out that the Explorer Megazord was in disrepair.

   "I am sending the Stellar Megazord and with the Lights of Orion which the Lost Galaxy Rangers gave us. That will....." said Aisha.

   "Negative," said Billy, "send them individually and also with the Lights of Orion."

   "Okay," said Aisha, "that will teach them that we are not the one."

   SHe does that. Jason finishes the warrior. Billy finishes the knight. However, the main host was too hard to fight, so they formed the X-Wing Stellar Megazord. The Host, Sattelua, flew away.

   "Can't catch me!" said Satellus.

   They fire the X-Wing jets and chase after him. They find that the X-Wing jets on the Stellar Megazord make the X-Wing Stellar Megazord faster than the monster. The load the laser artllery cannons and fire. The found falls to the ground and explodes. Things are back to normal in Angel Grove, CA with minor damage.

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