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Space Training

   "Casey," said Andros, "what do you know about space?"

   "Nothing, really," said Casey.

   "I have a new zord for you. It is called the X-Wing.

   "Well," said Casey, "let me see it!"

   They let him see it. It was big and nice. It was silver in color. The ship was shaped in an 'X'.

   "Well," said Casey, "I have the Colossus. I should be able to operate that!"

   "I am very confident that you can," said Miss Fairweather.

   "Why don't you go out for a while and stop asteroids!" said Andros, "and then you can master it.

   He takes the X-Wing out for a spin. He enjoys it and masters it. He comes back to the Tower of Power.

   "How'd it go?" asked Dana.

   "This is the coolest zord that I ever had!" said Casey.

   "Well," said Aisha, "Miss Fairweather created it!"

   "THank you, Angela!" said Casey.

   "Anytime!" said Miss Fairweather, "now, this zord has a warrior mode. It can attach to the Stellar Megazord forming the X-Wing Stellar Megazord. It gives the Megazord rocket power and increases the cannon's power."

   All six rangers went back to what they were doing. They practiced their karate skills. However, the alarm sounded and it came up that their was a monster was on Mars. This monster was called the Red Horse. It had the power to create earthquakes and breathe fire.

   The rangers teleported there and arrived there. Red Horse stomped and all of the rangers fell. Dana used her speed abilities but the horse stomped and knocked her over. Damon froze him because Mars' atmosphere was similar to ours and Maya picked Red Horse and smashed him on the ground. Red Horse fell to pieces. Astronema made it grow. They call the Stellar zords and Casey calls the X-Wing. They form the X-WIng Stellar Megazord. The Megazord flew through the monster and used ice freezing the monster many times not giving the monster a chance to break from it and the Megazord then pick it up and slammed it and Red Horse fell to pieces but the pieces came together. The X-Wing Stellar Megazord powered up its cannons and shot him. The battle was over. The rangers returned to their own affairs.

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