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Starting Out, Part 5

   "We are not as powerful as the rangers," said Darkonda.

   "Yeah!" said Furio, "we always get our butts kicked from here to Hoboken."

   "We need soldiers!" said Ecliptor.

   "Relax!" said Master Badd, "I have the perfect solution!"

   "And what is that?" asked Squatt.

   Master Badd created two sets of warriors. Ones with horses and ones without horses.

   "This is our infantry and calvary," said Master Badd, "they are armed with spears and they can shoot lasers from their eyes. Let's see the rangers top this!"

   "What about soldiers that attack from the air?" asked King Mondo.

   "Good idea," said Master Badd, "I have created the Planet Fighters. They can fire missiles at the rangers. All five of them cannot defeat us!"

   The forces of evil were celebrating because of their fortitude.

   There were some children playing in the park and then, suddenly, some Planet Patrol infantry came down and were laughing. The children ran towards their mothers. Their mothers took the children home. The starfleet rangers were sounded by the alarm.

   The rangers arrived at the park. There were about one hundred soldiers. The soldiers attacked the five unmorphed rangers. Then the rangers morphed. There were too many soldiers. The rangers could not defeat them. The Planet Patrol tossed the rangers into a pile.

   "Rangers!" said Alpha X, "return to base. You cannot win this battle, yet."

   "Yet?" said Jason, "retreat? no way!"

   "Please!" said Aisha, "I have something for you that might help you win this battle."

   They return to the Tower of Power.

   "Good afternoon, rangers," said Andros, "these are not new weapons, but I am giving you new powers. Jason, you have the power of fire. Damon, you have the power of ice. Billy, you have the power of moving things without touching them. Maya, you have the ability of super strength. And finally, Dana, you have the ability of super speed. Good luck rangers!"

   They come back to the battle scene. The Planet Patrol was terrorizing citizens in that area. Jason roasted many infantry. Damon froze some. Billy lifted some and blasted some in the air. Maya threw some at each other. Dana fought the battle with much speed. The battle was won.

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