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Sorry, Wrong Number

   Power Rangers SPD was fighting off Krybots in a shopping mall that had many citizens in it. It turned out that a civilian named, Kenny, was working with them because Emporer Grumm promised him much money. Now, Kenny did not know that Emporer Grumm was going to double cross him. Emporer Grumm had no intention of paying Kenny off. He just has Kenny's help. Kenny never fights in battles but he is an advisor. Soon, hundreds of police came into the mall armed with shield and powerful guns.

   "Let's get out of here," said Orangehead Krybot, "we've done enough damage!"

   Blue Krybot laughed. The four rangers left.

   "There were only four of them!" said Emporer Grumm, "why didn't you defeat them?"

   "I...I was scared of the police!" said Orangehead Krybot.

   "That makes you more stupid!" said Emporer Grumm, "oh, well!"

   "Why do the police have to be good?" said Omni.

   "You may have something there," said Grumm.

   "Yes," said Goldar, "we can turn the Power Rangers SPD and Blue Senturion against the rangers and the world and double cross them and destroy them and we will rule the world!"

   "Sounds good!" said Grumm, "I am sure that Rita will do the honors."

   Power Rangers SPD demorphed. The Blue Senturion was on Eltar. Rita cast a spell on both SPD and Blue Senturion and turned them evil.

   "Here come the bad cops!" said Rita.

   Power Rangers SPD started arresting people for sweeping streets. Blue Senturion started arresting people for obeying the speed limit. It was a mess. Aisha called the rangers because of the turmoil. Aisha briefed the rangers. The rangers went down to the scene.

   "Do gooders!" said Blue Senturion, "you're under arrest!"

   They all fought each other. Blue Senturion used his stop beam. Maya and Damon were frozen. The police won the battle. The rest of the rangers fought them. It did not work out.

   "You know," said Billy, "there was one time that Rita put a spell on the Dragonzord and it shook it off. So, why don't we find a way for these guys to shake it off!"

   Dana, Jason, Casey, and Billy shook off the SPD rangers and Blue Senturion. Everyone became good. Blue Senturion used his go beam to revive Maya and Damon.

   "I will not accept defeat!" said Rita, "Finster, give me that Bad Cop monster! I'm going to make it grow!"

   "Sure thing, Rita!" said Finster.

   Rita sends the monster to Earth and makes it grow immediately.

   "Do you still need us?" asked Sky.

   "I think that we've got it," said Jason, "thanks a lot man."

   "If you need anything, just ask," said Sky.

   They call the Explorer Zords and form the Explorer Megazord. The Bad Cop and the Megazord exchange punches. The Explorer Megazord does a hard kick to the Bad Cop and he falls down. THe Bad Cop got nack up. More punches are exchanged. The Megazord zaps him with a laser. The Megazord then finishes him off.

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