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Team Up

   Damon was working in the Middle Section of the Tower of Power trying to make it more advanced. Billy was polishing and checking on the zords.

   Maya and Dana were at Angel Grove shopping at the mall for outfits. Suddenly, a big boom sounded. People ran inside the mall for cover. Dana and Maya tried to go outside.

   "Ladies," said one of the security guards, "stay in. there are monsters outside!"

   Dana and Maya called the others and told them what was going on. Dana and Maya headed towards the women's bathroom and headed towards one of the commodes. They go inside and morph quietly. They teleport to the location.

   There are three monsters outside. They are Scorpius, Yellow Jacket, and Waspius.

   "Aw!" said Scorpius, "you can never defeat us! We're too much for you! You'll never win this one!"

   The other rangers morph. The three monsters attack right away. All of the rangers were affected except Jason.

   "Everyone else!" said Jason, "get back to base!"

   "No! Jason!" said Billy, "you can't do this yourself!"

   "I have to!" said Jason, "I have an idea! Now, go!"

   The other rangers go back to base to the sickbay where Dana while healing herself helps the other rangers.

   "Perfect timing," said Vypra, "I can crush Jason and he will be no more!"

   "Yes!" said King Mondo, "I've been wanting to destroy him for a while!"

   "Don't worry," said Lord Zedd, "I'll take care of this!"

   Lord Zedd makes all three monsters grow!

   "It's time!" says Miss Fairweather.

   "Help!" said Jason, "these guys are going to crush me!"

   "Jason," said Miss Fairweather, "I am sending you a new zord. It is called the Red Battleship, which can change into the Red Battlezord. It is a formidable weapon. Enjoy!"

   The zord was similar to the Delta Megazord but had hands like the original Red Battlezord.

   The Red Battlezord attacked the three monsters. It fired lasers from its arms at the monsters. It punched the three monsters, but it was not enough. The three monsters shot stingers at the Red Battlezord. The Red Battlezord had trouble functioning and eventually fell to the ground.

   The three monsters laughed. They stomped on the Red Battlezord one at a time.

   "Aisha," said Jason, "help!"

   The rangers started feeling better. They joined in.

   "You need more power," said Aisha, "this time you need to form the Starfleet Megabattlezord. Jason, it is in your instruction manual."

   The combination looked like the Astro Delta Megazord. It had a zord. The three monsters shot stingers at the Starfleet Mega Battlezord. The megazord reflected it. It launcehed two flying fists through each monster and all monsters fell to the ground and died.

   The rangers went to the juice bar and celebrated.

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