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A Turbo Adventure

   The rangers were at the base practicing against the Craterites. Suddenly, the alarm goes off. Suddenly, there is a monster terrorizing the Arkansas countryland. It was in Little Rock. The name of the monster is Autostruct. It is a monster who can turn from car to monster.

   This monster has been driving around shooting lasers at the population's houses' vandalizing them as it rolls. The rangers called their Galaxy Gliders but the Galaxy Gliders were not fast enough. They sent the Galaxy Gliders back to the Tower. They fought on the ground. Autostruct was way to fast for them. The rangers call for help.

   "Aisha," asked Maya, "we do not have anything that is fast enough for this monster. We're fighting a losing battle."

   "I'll see what I can do," said Aisha.

7nbsp;  Aisha called her superior, Dimitria. Dimitria called a former ranger.

   "Justin," asked Dimitria, "we need your help. Will you become the blue Turbo ranger once more?"

   "Call on Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser once more," said Dimitria, "you may need them."

   The rangers continue to fight the monster with much difficulty. It is a losing battle. Suddenly, they hear a cry....

   "Mountain Blaster Turbo Power!"

   Justin becomes the blue turbo ranger with both cars behind him. The cars start firing lasers at Autostruct. Suddenly, Autostruct went into car mode.

   "I can drive the blue jeep," said Justin, "I need someone to drive the red flying car."

   Lightning Cruiser snatched Jason and placed him into the driver's seat. It then took Damon and Billy in the same way. Dana and Maya hopped in Storm Blaster. They did a little demolition derby with Autostruct. Autostruct ran out of energy. They used the Star Cannon and Justin used his Hand Blaster and they both fired upon them at the same time. The monster was left incapacitated.

   Lord Zedd made the monster grow. The rangers thanked Justin and called on the Starfleet Megazord. The monster kept moving around so they disengaged the Megazord and attacked separately. In fact, Justin called on Mountain Blaster and they all used their weapons and begain a demolition derby. Again, Autostruct could not take it any more. So, the rangers again formed the Starfleet Megazord and used the energized sword on Autostruct and then Autostruct was no more. The six rangers retired their zords.

   Justin stuck around.

   "Guys," said Justin, "This is Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster. They're all yours! Good bye!"

   They waved Justin goodbye and then went back to the Tower of Power. They stored both cars with the zords.

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