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All Talk

   Billy is working on a project. He doesn't want the rangers to know what it is. Suddenly, he hears a small noise in the air. Billy goes out to the landing dock. Billy activates the alarm manually. The other rangers were eating and practicing their moves against Craterites.

   "Billy," said Dana, "what's wrong?"

   "There is a UFO that I can see outside in the landing dock," said Billy

   "Oh, really?" said Casey, "let's go find out!"

   THe rangers go outside to the landing dock and the UFO was closer than before.

   "Everyone!" said Jason, "back inside!"

   "Go to the Middle Section!" said Billy, "the UFO is about to crash!"

   The UFO did not crash; it landed.

   "That's strange," said Maya, "it landed!"

   "Let's go!" said Damon.

   The object opens up and their are five borgs inside it that are similar to the Stella r Zords.

   A message starts to play.

   "Rangers," said Aurico on the recording, "Since you gave us the Shogun Zords we have these for you. These are Stellar Borgs. They are similar to ours but their are voice commanded. We wish you well."

   "Cool!" said Maya.

   "Let's voice command them to the zord bay," said Damon.

   They did that and that is what the borgs did.

   Suddenly, Rita Repulsa sent ten putties to Earth and Minotaur to Earth and made them grow.

   They called on the Stellar Borgs. The borgs had no problem defeating the putties. The rangers found that the Stellar Borgs were very agile and fast and similar to their ranger powers. They were quite pleased. Minotaur could not keep us. They launched the red Stellar borg through the monster and the monster blew up.

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