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The Void

   "I wish those rangers weren't around!" said Master Darkonda, "I could rule the world if it wasn't for them!"

   "Well, darling," said Trakeena, "I can create a monster who may help."

   Trakeena spit up the monster.

   "This is the Void," said Trakeena, "he can erase things, even the Power Rangers!"

   "Great!" said Master Darkonda, "let's send him to earth so that we can wreak havoc!"

   They sent Void to Earth and it started erasing people and buildings. The alarm in the Tower of Power went off. Void came up on the viewing screen.

   "Everybody," said Aisha, "this is an extremely dangerous monster. It has the power to erase things. Be careful!"

   They morph and go to the monster. The monster was surrounded by a bunch of D-Warriors. The D-Warriors and the rangers charged at each other. The rangers attacked the D-Warriors. The D-Warriors were tough. They used their metallic armor. They defeated the D_Warriors. They prepared to fight Void. They both charged at each other. Void managed to erase Damon, Maya, and Jason, leaving Dana and Billy.

   "This is not good!" said Billy.

   "What do we do now?" said Dana.

   "There's only two of us. We cannot let ourselves become erased," said Billy.

   The monster was laughing. The monster shot another beam. Billy jumped out of the way, but it hit Dana. Billy retreated.

   "Casey," said Billy, "I need your help. If we finich this monster, we can free the others."

   Casey and Billy went down and morphed. A few trees and people have been erased.

   "This is one bad monster," said Billy.

   Casey did a few hops on the monster and the monster fell over. He powered up his axe and jumped and finished him. The rangers were free and everything and everyone was completely restored.

   Trakeena made Void grow.

   "Guys," said Casey, "I suggest that we use the Stellar Zords and my X-WIng and do it separately because there will be six of us, making it harder to erase us and at least one of us will erase him. And if he erases us, we'll come back when he is defeated!"

   "Good plan!" said Jason.

   They called on the Stellar Zords and the X-Wing. They all attacked Void at the same time. Jason powered up his lightsaber and finished him. The monster did not have a chance. The monster exploded and the rangers retired. Everything was put back in order. The rangers go back to the Tower of Power.

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