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Underwater Treasure

   Tommy met up with Jason.

   "Hey, man," said Jason, "want to go scuba diving tommorow?"

   "Yeah!" said Tommy, "How about twelve o'clock?"

   "Sounds good!" said Jason.

   A day passes. They have on their scuba gear. They canoe into the lake. They boak go off into the sea. The go together and then split up. Jason and Tommy go their own separate ways. Tommy goes for a while and notices something. He swims inot what looks like a missile shaft. He does not have an idea to radio anyone so he goes inside. The atmosphere looks very familiar to him. He finds out that it is the Dragonzord! He explores more. He thoughts are correct. He swims to the top.

   "I can't believe this!" said Tommy, "I found the Dragonzord! If only, I could find Jason! I'm going below and bringing it to the surface!"

   Tommy did exactly that. Jason noticed that the Dragonzord was brought to land.

   "What the...?" questioned Jason.

   "Jason!" said Tommy, "it's okay. I found it below!"

   "You're kidding!" said Jason, "come with us, man. I will get the Red Battleship to tow the Dragonzord to our landing dock."

   They did exactly that. They all heard this big boom outside the Tower of Power.

   "What's going on?" asked Dana.

   "It's the Dragonzord," said Billy, "where'd you two find it?"

   "I was scuba diving," said Tommy.

   Suddenly, the Dragonzord became to change. It changed into a more knightly form. The Dragon Dagger and Sword of Darkness appeared before Tommy as he morphed into a green ranger, which was not like the old.

   "What's going on?" asked Maya.

   "I turns out that the Dragonzord was the last of the Dinozords to change so this is the change!" said Aisha.

   "Wow!" said Billy.

   "Now, Tommy," said Aisha, "because you have shown love for the Dragonzord, it has decided to do this for you. You will not be able to combine zords with anyone but you can be there when in need. Welcome, to the team."

   "I hate Tommy! I hate Tommy! What can we do to destroy him?" said Trakeena.

   "I'll help!" said Zeltrax.

   "Go!" said Trakeena.

   Zeltrax started destroying things. The seven rangers came down to stop him. Zeltrax ran.

   "Uh, bye," said Jason.

   The rangers went back to the juice bar.

   Master Darkonda was furious.

   "What do we do now?" asked Zeltrax.

   "Kill Tommy!" said Master Badd.

   The seven rangers observed the Dragonzord. It changed into a knight. It came out of the water. It looked similar to the Dragonzord except it looked more like a knight. It have missiles on its chest and a drill sword.

   "Awesome!" said Tommy.

   Suddenly, Zeltrax came and the seven rangers saw him.

   "Prepare to die, Tommy!" said Zeltrax.

   "It's your death!" said Tommy.

   Tommy won the battle. Master Badd made Zeltrax grow.

   "Guys," said Tommy, "I want to test out this new zord if it is okay with you!"

   Tommy was pleased. Zeltrax retreated. Everyone was glad to have Tommy on the team once again.

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