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Whose Responsibility?

   The rangers were doing their normal activities when the alarm went off. It was a monster terroriaing the city. It was Foxhead.

   The rangers teleport down. Foxhead was laughing during the whole time. Suddenly, the National Guard came to the location.

   "Move out of the way!" said the national guard, "we are the ones who portect America from domestic enemies, not you!"

   "So, what do you say, Jason," said Billy.

   "Let them do it," said Jason, "eventually they'll need us. Meanwhille, let's just go relax at the Tower."

   That was they did. The National Guard was very unsuccessful because the monster was stronger than all of them even though the National Guard kept bringing in more troops.

   "Luietenant," said a private, "I'm thinking that this would be over if we just call the Power Rangers. I mean, we're all getting our butts kicked and dying off! These soldiers are too much."

   "I agree," said the liuetenant, "just as long as the citizens are safe that's fine with me. I'll run that by the general."

   "General!" said the lieutenant, "I suggest that we pull out and let the Power Rangers take care of this. We're fighting a losing battle."

   "I agree," said the general, "alright, men! pull out!"

   "Look!" said Maya, "the national guard is pulling out!"

   The private said on a megaphone, "Power Rangers, it's all yours!"

   The Power Rangers fought Foxhead and exchanged a few pumches. Billy used his laser lance and weaken Foxhead. Dana used her Sonic Cannon because the Fox's ears were sensitive. The Fox had a hard time concentrating. The assembled the Star Blaster and Foxhead was incapacitated. Rita made him grow.

   They called on the Starfleet zords and formed the Starfleet Megazord. The Megazord used its tractor beam to pick up Foxhead ans slam him repeatedly up and down. Foxhead could not take it anymore. They took the sword, powered it up, and slashed it through Foxhead and Foxhead exploded.

   Billy gave the National Guard a communicator. The National Guard thanked them.

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