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The Beginning

   This story starts with five former rangers. Andros is flying the Astro Megazord 2. Suddenly, he is attacked by Velocifighters. He knows that the ship is very fast but there are thirty of them. The Velocifighters are fighter than he is! They succeed in shooting down the Astro Megaazord 2.

   Andros wondered to himself, "didn't we defeat Astronema and their troops?"

   Vypra recovered shards of the Orb of Doom and brought back the evil forms of the villians, including Dark Specter, but what she didn't know is that she brough back Zordon.

   The Astro Megazord crashed on Earth in the park in Seattle, Washington. Andros could not respond. Zordon and Alpha 7 heard this response.

   "We have no power coins," said Zordon, "but there are keycards to where we can obtain rangers."

   "Where Zordon?" asked Alpha.

   "They supposedly are at the same place at the place where we found the Voyagers," said Zordon.

   "The Space Rangers have gone their way," said Alpha.

   "We must choose new ones," said Zordon, "we must win these keycards in order to defeat all of these enemies."

   Alpha goes to the casino. Because these are not just rangers alone, they are more than that. These are powers. They start the game. Unfortunately, Alpha loses the game, but the winner showed favor to Alpha and gave him the keycards. They return to the Eltare.

   "I am so glad that I got the keycards," said Alpha, "now we are srong enough to take on our enemies!"

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Beginning, Part 2