Beginning, Part 6

   Dark Specter creates this monster called Warden. He has the powers to lock people into the Dark Dimension. That is why he is called Warden, he sends people to prison.

   Jason, Adam, and Billy were playing flag football outside and suddenly Warden comes to the park staring at the three rangers. The rangers use their keycards. They attack the monster. Warden pushes them back with its gigantic shield. Warden had a gigantic cannon. He blasted the three with it. What the rangers did not know is that their powers were not complete.

   "Prison command, now!" said Warden.

   All three rangers were transported into the Dark Dimension.

   "Where are we?" asked Jason.

   The Dark Dimension was circular and full of smoke. It was quiet.

   Dark Dimension came to take over Miranoi. However, Maya wouldn't let that happen. Maya retreived her Quasar saber and turned into the yellow galaxy ranger. The monster did the same thing to her. It sent her into the Dark Dimension.

   The three men became acquainted with Maya.

   "I have an idea," said Maya.

   Maya used her Light of Orion and all four of them broke free. All four attacked Warden. They fought as a team. Maya's Quasar Saber was destroyed along with her powers. The three rangers attacked Warden with difficulty but they won the battle. Warden died.

   "Maya," said Damon, "could you come with us?"

   The four came to the Astro Megazord 2.

   They presented her with a keycard as the yellow ranger and the environmental specialist. They all became acquainted.

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