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The Beginning, Part 5

   On Aquitar, Delphine heard the same interception of how the evil villians' evil side are now working together.

   "This is not good," said Tideus.

   "We are not strong enough to take on these villains," said Corcus.

   "Billy," said Aurico, "we like you very much, but we feel you are needed better with the team Power Rangers Starfleet Federation."

   Cestria gave Billy a French kiss.

   "I'll miss you," said Cestria.

   "I have the perfect cure for your aging," said Cestro, "it is the Aquitar flower, it keeps people young for 40 years."

   They apply it and Billy became his young self again. They waved him goodbye and he waved them goodbye and he teleported to the Astro Megazord 2.

   Damon and Alpha were on the defensive because they did not know Billy.

   "It's okay. It's okay," said Jason, "Billy, what are you do here?"

   Jason introduced the others to Billy and that he would do them no harm. The others calmed down.

   "Hey, guys," said Jason, "this guy could be an excellent ranger. He was a ranger before and an excellent scientist."

   "I guess," said Andros, "You can be the blue ranger. Congratulations! Here is your keycard. It's a morpher."
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