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Beginning, Part 4

   "Andros," asked Jason, "is there someway to fix the Astro Megaship?"

   "Well," said Andros, "there was a mechanic who fixed the Astro Megaship 1."

   "Who is he?" asked Jason.

   "His name is Damon Henderson," said Andros, "I briefly worked with him, but he once restored the Astro Megazord back to health. He is a good machanic. We could use his help."

   "He will recognize me," said Alpha.

   "Well," said Andros, "if you say so. But how do we get to where he is?"

   "What do you mean?" said Jason.

   "Miranoi," said Andros.

   "How about the Phantom Rangers' ship?" asked Jason.

   They ask the Phantom ranger.

   "Phantom Ranger," asked Alpha, "we need to travel to Miranoi to get another possible ranger."

   "You are welcome," said the Phantom ranger.

   Alpha flies to Miranoi with ease in the Phantom Rangers' ship. Alpha notices the quasar sabers in the rocks. He hopes that Damon is nearby. Instaed, he runs into Kai.

   "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" said Kai, "what's up? Good to see you again!"

   "Hi," said Alpha, "I'm looking for Damon."

   "I'll take you there," said Kai.

   Kai leads Alpha to Damon.

   "Thanks," said Alpha, "I can take care of it from here."

   "Damon," said Alpha, "we need you to become a Power Ranger again."

   "Sure!" said Damon, "I'll get my quasar saber and...."

   "That will not be necessary," said Alpha.

   "I have a new morpher for you," said Alpha, "it is a ranger keycard to the new Power Rangers Starfleet Federation team. You are now the black ranger. Congratulations!"

   Damon smiled.

   "Come with me," said Alpha.

   They came to the Astro Megazord 2. Andros and Damon worked together to fix the Astro Megazord 2. They got it up and running. Damon met Jason and the two became acquainted. Andros became the ship's crew.

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