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Beginning, Part 3

   "I don't know who we should choose as rangers," said Andros, "I want to stay around as a space officer."

   "I know one," said Alpha, "his name is Jason Lee. He was a legend to the rangers. He was the first ranger ever. He is an expert at martial arts and a great leader."

   "Who is this person?" asked Andros, "will he do a good job?"

   "Yes," said Alpha, "he once sacrificed his life for the team when Lord Zedd tried to take away their powers. He helped a ranger under enemy control. He has won many victories."

   "So, where do we find him?" asked Andros.

   "He lives in Angel Grove," said Alpha, "I will go and get him. He will recognize me."

   Jason and Tommy were teaching a women's self-defense class. Both of them recognize the robot who walks in the door. The other people looked at the robot strangely.

   Tommy whispered in Alpha right side, "what are you doing here?"

   "I'm looking for Jason," Alpha whispered back.

   Jason comes over to Alpha.

   "Let's go outside," said Alpha.

   They both go to a hidden spot.

   "We need you to become a Power Ranger again," said Alpha.

   "What do you mean?" asked Jason.

   "All of the villians are causing trouble and we have keycard morphers for five rangers and we find you suitable to be a ranger and the leader of the team," said Alpha.

   "Come with me and I will show you everything," said Alpha.

 7nbsp; They walk into the damaged Astro Megazord 2 and Jason meets his former comrade Andros. Andros hands him a keycard.

   "What happened to Zordon?" asked Jason.

   "He is alive and well on Eltare," said Andros, "he'll remember you and be glad to see you."

   "You will be the red ranger," said Andros, "here is the red keycard. It works like a morpher. I will get five more shortly."

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