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Help Me Zords

   "I have a plan," said General Havoc.

   "What's your plan?" asked Dark Specter.

   "We could send a dummy monster and make it grow and trick the Power Rangers into using their zords while freezing the zords."

   "Good idea!" said Goldar, "we can grow and crush the world and there will be no zords to stop us!"

   They sent Pudgy Pig and Guitardo to Angel Grove. Strangely, the monsters did not move at all. The rangers did not see the third monster, Parantisshead. The rangers called the Starfleet Zords. But Parantisshead sounded his flute and froze them. They also called the Explorer Zords. The same thing happened. Jason called the Red Battlezord. The same thing happened.

   They called Casey.

   "Casey," said Jason, "it's type for some colossal power!"

   Casey came and called on the ship. That did not work out. Parantisshead gained control of the ship and used it against the rangers.

   "Oh! no!" said Damon, "run!"

   Parantisshead laughed.

   "I'm having a good day!" said Parantisshead laughing.

   Colossus shoots three bulidings on top of them. The rangers are stuck under the piles of ruins.

   Andros pulls the rubble away slowly and helps the rangers out even during the time that Quadra fighters that fired on him. They all got out safely covered up in wood chips.

   "Thanks, man," said Damon.

   "We cannot let the Colossus destroy the city," said Jason.

   "Miss Fairweather," asked Billy, "can you shut down the Morphing Grid for a short period?"

   "Yes, I can," she said, "but you will be powered down and I cannot do anything about the frozen zords."

   "Understood," said Billy.

   The Morphing Grid was shut down and Colossus was free from its spell.

   "Now, that's are going to happen," said Jason.

   "So," said Dana, "what do we do about the monsters?

   "Yeah," said Damon, "we have nothing strong enough to fight with.

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