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Help Me Zords Part 2

   "Billy," said Aisha, "do you know where the Temple of Power is?"

   "Yes," said Billy.

   "Take the Astro Megazord 3 and land it right next to that Temple to avoid the Tengus who reside there."

   They follow her exact order. The enter the temple. Ninjor was right where they found him. He was in his bottle.

   Meanwhile, in Angel Grove, the monsters were attacking the city. And over the news they kept saying, "Power Rangers, where are you?"

   The five rangers entered the Temple of Power. Casey remained at base looking for a solution to the problem.

   Aisha called on the Aquitian rangers. They were happy to help. They fought to keep the monsters at bay. They were perfectly hydrated at the time. They called on their Battle Borgs to defeat the monsters who have already grown. It was a touch battle. The Battle Borgs were not powerful enough to defeat the three monster. They only held the three monsters at bay.

   Anyway, at the Temple of Power. Billy looked inside Ninjor's jar.

   "Ninjor," said Billy, "It's me! We need your help!"

   "Billy!" said Ninjor, "what do you want from me?"

   "We have no zords and..." said Billy.

   "Go away, please," said Ninjor, "you've taken all that I've had! I have no more!"

   "Please, Ninjor," said Billy, "we need your help. Monsters are taking over the Earth and we have no zords!"

   "We don't need this guy," said Jason, "we are the Power Rangers. AIsha may find a way out of this in the rocks that we have."

   "I forgot about that!" said Maya.

   "Let's go!" said Maya.

   The rangers turned and walked away.

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