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Starting Out

   Alpha said, "the Astro Megazord 2 is way to vulnerable lodged here. We need a base like we had before."

   "The first thing that we need to do is get this thing in the air," said Damon.

   "Yes," said Billy, "but where do we need to go?"

   "How about Miranoi?" asked Maya, "we'll be safe there? Besides there is a tribe there which I know! They'll protect us!"

   "Fine!" said Billy, "let's set course for Miranoi!"

   They get the ship up and running. They take off.

   "This ship is fast!" said Jason.

   Velocifighters began to follow them.

   "Afterburners on!" said Billy.

   The Velocifighters were roasted and gone. The rangers celebrated. They headed towards Miranoi. The residents hear the Astro Megazord 2 approaching. The tribe backs up and draws their weapons. The ship lands safely down. Damon and Jason were the first ones out. The tribe was on the defensive. Jason and Damon began to back up. Maya came out.

   "It's okay! It's okay!" said Maya.

   They were looking for a place to build a base. They could not build one. However, the Blue Senturion was on Miranoi, settling a dispute between two women. They both went in peace. They approach Blue Senturion.

   "Blue Senturion," said Jason, "is there a place which we could build a base?"

   "There is the base at the battle base ruins. You could combine the building with the Astro Megazord and form a formidable base," said Blue Senturion."

   "I could get some galactic prisoners to work on it, but if I get them to do it, you cannot disrupt them while they work," said Blue Senturion."

   "Sounds good," said Jason.

   The prisoners worked hard and fast. The base was done in no time. The rangers and crew were called over. They used parts from the ruins and the Astro Megazord 2 and the battle base was amazing!

   "This is now, the Power of Tower!" said Blue Senturion, "enjoy!"

   The rangers and crew were satisfied with the Tower of Power, because it had much features and just about everything that a ranger could want. They were happy.

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