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Starting Out, Part 2

   The rangers and crew were sleeping in the Tower of Power. Suddenly, a monster called Sizzle came to Angel Grove to set everything on fire. The alarm sounded. The alarm awakened everyone.

   "What's going on?"

   It said, "Monster Name: Sizzle Location: Angel Grove"

   They all teleported to the monster's location.

   "That's enough!" said Maya.

   "No, it isn't!" said Sizzle.

   Sizzle lauches fire toward the rangers. They are knocked down.

   "Where's our weapns?" asked Damon.

   "I don't know, man, "said Jason, "but we have to use what we have.

   Suddenly, the rangers were brought back to the Tower of Power.

   "Rangers," said Andros, "i have your weapons. Jason, you have the laser sabre, it is a powerful weapon with projection. Damon, you have the laser cannon. Billy, you have the laser lance. Maya, you have the laser sai lance. And, finally, Dana, you have the sonic cannon. Enjoy and defeat that monster!"

   "This is nice!" said Damon.

   "Also, you have a laser blaster and a small sword at your arsenal," said Alpha.

   "Just what we needed," said Jason, "thanks!"

   The rangers attacked the monster with their weapons. The monster could not take it any more.

   "Hey, guys," said Jason, "what would happen if we put our weapons together?"

   "Let's try!" said Maya.

   They try many combinations, but they do not work. Suddenly, Andros gives them intructions and tells them that they are forming the Star Blaster. They use it and Sizzle is no more.

   "Oh, yeah!" said Damon, "the Power Rangers are back!"

   "We can do this!" said Jason, we are the awesome fivesome! No one can bear us, because we are good!

   "Oh yeah!" said Dana.

   "Don't celebrate too much, everyone," said Jason, "you don't know what is ahead!"

   "That's true," said Dana.

   They all agreed. They went back to the Tower of Power.

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