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Starting Out, Part 3

   Dark Specter did not know that Elgar kept a species of porcupine that was extinct, but Finster found out about it.

   "What is that?" asked Finster.

   "Leave it alone," said Elgar defensively, "its a rare fore of porcupine."

   Baboo was eavesdropping on the conversation.

   "Why don't we create a monster who will destroy rare species in Africa, then there will be less animals in the world?" said Baboo.

   "That's a good idea!" said Finster.

   Finster created a monster called Virus. They sent him down to North Africa.

   Aisha and Ashalla started noticing a change in the animal's behavior.

   "What's going on?" Aisha asked, "there seems to be a change in the environment!"

   Suddenly, Aisha was pulled into a strange environment filled with light.

   "Aisha?" asked a female voice.

   "What's going on?" said Aisha.

   "Aisha," said the voice, "I'm Dimitria. I need you to be the next ranger guide."

   "Okay," she said to herself, "this is strange."

   "Don't be afraid," said Dimitria, "I'm coming!"

   "So," said Aisha, "what do I do?"

   "Is it okay that I place my hands on you?" asked Dimitria, "It will transfer my leadership to you."

   "Okay," said Aisha, "just don't hurt me, okay?"

   Aisha was scared. Aiaha's weaved hait fell out. Her real hait grew long. Her eyes turned white for a while and then it stopped. She had attire like Dimitria.

   "You will have a personal assistant, Alpha X, who will be an excellent guide to the rangers.

   "You are still the same person, and my knowledge and powers are now yours", said Dimitria, "now, I will send you to the rangers' location with Alpha X and they will accept you as you are. Goodbye, Aisha and good luck!"

   Dimitria disappeared and Aisha went to the Tower of Power into a spare tube. The rangers saw Aisha make an entrance. Jason and Billy were the only two that recognized her. Alpha X introduced himself. They were welcomed okay. They found that it was strange that Aisha would be their next mentor. They all agreed that she deserved it.

   As for Virus, the rangers took care of him easily. Dana helped Aisha took care of some of the animals, but sadly some of the animals died, but the animal casualties were few.

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