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Starting Out, Part 4

   The rangers are asleep. Now, they wake up. The Phantom ranger arrives at the Tower of Power, but he cannot get in because of the Tower of Power's sheild. The rangers know that someone is outside. They see the phantom ranger is inside. They let him in.

   "Rangers," said phantom ranger, "you are lacking zords. The keycards that you hold have zords that match them. We need to get the zords. They are on the planet Eltare. We need to go right away before some evil force gets a hold on them!

   "We all cannot fit into your ship!" said Jason, "it is too small!"

   "That is not a problem!" said Alpha X, "I can teleport you to the planet, but I can only teleport you close to the location."

   "You know that you still have the unused Galaxy Gliders, right?" said Andros.

   "Okay," said Damon, "let's get going!"

   All five rangers morph and they and phantom ranger go to Eltare.

   "I have an idea," said phantom ranger, "we will travel in Artilletron, my zord, it will give us as transportation and location systems to find those zords."

   Phantom ranger called the Artilletron. They all went inside. The Artilletron rolled across the planet. The located the location of the zords, but they did not know that for some reason, it was guarded by Triptoids. They exited the ship. Phantom ranger and the other rangers defeated the Triptoid with ease. There was a rock in front of the location.

   "Rangers!" said phantom ranger, "shoot that rock with your blasters!"

   They shoot the rock and a cave appeared. They walk inside and find five cruiser starships inside. Each ship was tinted in the rangers' color.

   "These," said phantom ranger, "are yours!"

   "Thanks!" said Jason, "but how do we drive them?"

   "They are easy to drive," said phantom ranger, "you drive them just as you drive the other zords. These are the Starfleet Zords; they are five cruiser zords, that are space ships that are fast and full of weapons and shields. Andros will assist you if you have trouble driving them. Also, the ships can be voice activated."

   "I will show you," said phantom ranger, "return to Starfleet Federation!"

   All of the ships went to the base on Miranoi. The rangers were amazed.

   "Together," said Phantom ranger, "these zords form the Starfleet Megazord. They are now at rest at the Tower of Power."

   "Andros," said Phantom Ranger, "teach these rangers how to operate their ships."

   "Will do," said Andros.

   All rangers went back to base and started training on the Starfleet Zords.

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